Oil rig in the middle of the ocean

LMJ Consulting provides secure IT services for Oil and Gas companies.

LMJ Consulting specializes in supporting clients in the oil and gas industry

With clients located all the way from the North Slope to Fairbanks and Anchorage to the middle of Cook Inlet, we understand how technology drives your business.

Businesses in the oil and gas industry rely on technology, more so than most other industries. Yet we also find that many companies in the industry are still working under the break/fix model when it comes to IT.

Support issues are handled during scheduled onsite visits. Often times we find this approach causes issues to pile up, network reliability begins to slip, and users get frustrated.

Our approach is proactive monitoring and support of your network. We maintain your network 24/7 so that we can catch any potential problems before they affect your business. Plus, our helpdesk team is available to handle all of your day to day issues.

We believe that just because your technology needs are highly specialized, working with your IT vendor should not be complicated. Our philosophy is to simplify your IT and eliminate your frustrations by just making it work.

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